About us

True enduring value

Tien Phuoc is a prestigious real estate investor and developer in Vietnam with proven track as a successful pioneer in real estate, healthcare facilities, and infrastructure disciplines. With 27 years of industry experience, Tien Phuoc is a trustworthy partner of local as well as international developers, a highly reliable brand in the eyes of both clients and employees. At Tien Phuoc, we are committed to faithfully serve and partner with local communities. We foster their progress and well-being by constantly building up quality houses and delivering diverse of sustainable real estate solutions.

Our Mission

To help people progress and generations prosper through quality homes, better working & living environments and integrated real estate solutions with enduring value.


Our Vision

To set benchmark, life enriching experiences in integrated real estate, healthcare, infrastructure and environment solutions.

Core Values


About us

The strong foundation of our brand.


About us

We put our hearts and minds into all we do.

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Long-term commitment

About us

What our customers can rely on


About us

We act honestly and behave trustfully


About us

All levels of our company work as one

Social responsibility

Visiting children at Thien Phuoc Nhan Ai shelter

A group of TPF (Tien Phuoc Foundation) visited & handed over meaningful gifts to children with birth defects at Thien Phuoc Nhan Ai shelter, Cu Chi in January, 2019

Gifts to disadvantaged children in Binh Phuoc on Mid-autumn festival

On 22nd of September 2018, Tien Phuoc Foundation organized activities & gave 400 gifts to bring an enjoying Mid-autumn festival to disadvantaged children in Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc Province.

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Uprace for charity

After a month joining the Uprace running, 110 employees at Tien Phuoc finished 5.128 kms and donated 5,128,500 VND to Newborns Vietnam.

Community support

Joining BBGV Fun run charity

On 25th of September 2018, almost 100 Tien Phuoc staff joined annual fun run charity of The British Business Group Vietnam.

Supporting scholarship fund with Run for future – SeAbank

​To support scholarship fund to poor children, Tien Phuoc participated “Run for future – SeAbank” at Independence Palace on 15th of September 2018


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